Our Gym

Climbing has a way of changing people. Elevation was conceived and built with conviction, from the realization that climbing exerts a positive force on our lives. We want to direct that force, and the satisfaction that comes with it, onto others.

The space is designed to accommodate all age and ability levels, with an intuitive difficulty scale, diverse terrain, and a comfortable flooring system. We want everyone who’s interested in climbing to have a positive experience, and discover something that compels them to climb.

We started by thinking about how we could do that. A lot. We looked for good ideas, dissected failed ones, took inspiration from friends on the same mission, and started working towards something concrete. Elevation is the result.

Our Setting Team

Climbing is complex and interesting. The best climbers are those who understand the intricacies of movement. Through the marriage of comprehensive classes and a progressive color level system, Elevation allows you to intuitively accrue knowledge of climbing movement. As you graduate from one color to the next, you’ll take with you the technical foundation needed to continue improving.

Climbing movement is intricate, nuanced, and infinite. Creating climbing movement is no easy feat. As avid climbers, we know just how difficult it is to create really great movement for everyone. Routesetting is simple on the surface, and breathtakingly complex underneath. We approach setting as a team, to pool brainpower, to encourage sharing and improved understanding, and to produce a result that will be enjoyed by our community. Setting is the vehicle with which we share the physical ideas that inspire us, and the sensations that delight us.


  18,000 Sq. Ft. facility
  9,000+ Sq. Ft. of climbing terrain
  Experienced route setting team
  Dedicated youth climbing area
  Indoor bicycle storage
  Climbing instruction and fitness classes
  Fitness area
  Training for climbing area
  Shower rooms