Adult classes

Adult classes are free to members.

Build foundational understanding and technical mastery while connecting to a vibrant community of fellow climbers.

Bouldering classes

  • Let's Climb Together

    Let's Climb Together

    Explore bouldering and find your community with social sessions guided by an experienced climber.

    Sessions are open to all adults. Non-members must purchase a day pass or use a punch.

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  • The Foundation Series

    The Foundation Series

    Unlock progression by mastering the fundamentals: Falling, Footwork, Center of Gravity and Problem Solving.

    Open to adult members only. Topics repeat every 3 weeks and can be taken in any order.

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  • Advanced Tactics

    Advanced Tactics

    Add concepts to your mental toolbox on your way to becoming an expert movement analyst. Each workshop targets a specific technical or mental skill.

    Open to adult members only. Participants must complete The Foundation Series first.

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    Fitness classes

    • Body composition

      Body composition

      A full body, cardio-based workout that utilizes high intensity interval training with low weight.

      Difficulty is modulated with decreased weight and modified exercises, making this a great class for all ability levels. Open to adult members only.

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    • Mobility for Climbing

      Mobility for Climbing

      Designed specifically for climbers, this class focuses on building strength, improving flexibility, increasing joint stability, and preventing injury.

      Open to adult members only. All ability levels are welcome.

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