We are reopening!

We are pleased to announce that we will be reopening our doors on Sunday, June 7th. We'll be open normal hours, including morning member hours (6AM to 9AM every weekday).

Over the last month, we've made adjustments to help protect the health of everyone in the facility. You can help us by familiarizing yourself with our new policies, and making a few simple changes to your habits in the gym.

Here are the highlights (for more complete information, keep scrolling to our FAQ):

  • There is a handwashing station outside the front door. Be sure to wash your hands before entering the facility.
  • Masks are required at all times. If you don't have a mask, we'll have some available at the front desk.
  • The water fountains and showers will be off. Please bring a water bottle with you. All food and drink must be consumed outside of the gym (feel free to use the parking lot).
  • To allow for physical distancing, our capacity is limited. We will be open to members and punch-pass holders only. In order to monitor the number of climbers in the gym, you will be asked to check in and check OUT before leaving. If the gym is at capacity, you may be asked to wait before entering.
  • Maintain distance while in the facility. Signs and floor markings are there to assist you. The climbing terrain has been adjusted and reset to accommodate physical distancing and circulation.
  • Please don't touch your face during your session. Wash your hands as soon as you finish climbing, or whenever you go outside and remove your mask. We also have hand sanitizer available throughout the facility.
  • The youth area will be available by reservation only. Please visit elevationgym.com/youth to make a reservation.


I'm a member. Do I need to do anything to restart my membership?

All members who were automatically frozen due to Covid will be unfrozen this Sunday, June 7th. The credit you received for the days we were closed in March will be applied to this month's dues. The rest is on us. Regular billing will resume on July 1st.

If you submitted a membership change form during the time we were closed, your membership will not be automatically unfrozen. You may submit another form to unfreeze your membership, or simply come to the gym whenever you like and we'll do it for you.

If you supported us by opting in throughout our closure, your membership will remain active and unaltered. Thank you!

I'm not a member or punch pass holder, or my membership is terminated. Can I still climb at this time?

We are allowing people to start or restart memberships and purchase punch passes during this restricted period. If you're new to the facility and need an orientation, we may ask you to return during off-peak hours, so that a staff member can properly orient you. If you've never been in the facility before, please fill out a waiver before you come.

What's your capacity limit?

Our capacity limit is determined by how many people can be inside while maintaining physical distancing guidelines and enjoying the activity of climbing. We're paying close attention to how the space is utilized and will adjust capacity accordingly.

Do I need to make a reservation?

We are only using a reservation system in the youth area at this time. If necessary, we will implement a full facility reservation system in the future, but we're hopeful that we have the capacity to handle natural traffic patterns. If you're concerned about having to wait to climb, feel free to call the gym and inquire about traffic levels.

What are you doing to address Covid transmission?

Limited capacity, physical distancing, adjusted routesetting, hand washing, mask wearing, fresh air circulation, frequent and thorough cleaning, and suspension of programming are the tools we're currently using to reduce the likelihood of transmission.

You require face masks. What counts, can you be more specific?

We're asking everyone to make a good faith effort to cover their nose and mouth in cloth or equivalent filtration material during the time they are in the facility. N95 masks are not required. If your mask has a check valve for exhalation, this defeats the purpose of catching droplets, and we'll ask you to wear a paper mask instead. The more aggressive the filtration material, the more difficult it will be to recover after intense climbing efforts. We've been using two layer mid-weight cotton masks with good results.

When will your temporary measures be lifted?

We're not sure, but we'd like to make it clear that we take no pleasure in asking people to wear masks or stay away from each other. We hope that we can remove these restrictions soon, so we can return all of our focus to creating the best climbing experience possible. In the meantime, we've done our best to make the space enjoyable, while mitigating risk.

What cleaning precautions are you taking?

We've always valued cleanliness at Elevation, and our standard procedures already surpass state Covid guidelines for gyms. However, we are increasing our cleaning cadence and scope to include all shared touch surfaces that people may encounter before and after climbing. We are using a cleaner certified to destroy Covid, and our staff have received additional training to ensure that cleaning is effective.

What about the climbing holds, how do you clean them?

We disinfect and clean the climbing holds when we reset problems. We reduce the likelihood of contamination on the holds while they're on the wall by requiring face masks and hand washing. Because no measure is perfect, it's important to wash your hands after you finish climbing, or any time you want to touch your face.

My child wants to climb. Is that OK?

We're allowing children to climb with parental guidance, but we'll require vigilant supervision, to help children be respectful of physical distancing and the unusual operating circumstances required to address transmission. The youth area can be reserved by two parties at a time, and we encourage parents to take advantage of this space, especially with younger children. The main top-out boulder is currently stripped to facilitate traffic flow, so keep this in mind if your children primarily like to climb on that structure.

Why are the garage doors shut?

We are using the ventilation systems to filter allergens and condition fresh air, while maintaining constant exhaust. Opening the garage doors draws in heat and disrupts the designed circulation path.

What happens if someone in the facility tests positive for Covid-19?

In the unlikely event that this occurs, we will provide the state contact tracing teams with information about who else was in the facility at the same time, so that they may be notified. This is why we are asking people to check in and out. This system also allows us to accurately monitor our occupancy count.

What about groups? I'd love to bring a group of new climbers to Elevation...

We are not accepting groups at this time. We hope to be able to lift this restriction soon. Until we can appropriately instruct and orient groups, we'll ask you to leave your contact information with staff, so we can contact you when scheduling groups is possible.

The arrows and boxes on the floor - do I/others have to follow them exactly?

The circulation paths have been designed to allow people to move around while maintaining physical distance, even when the facility is near capacity. We encourage you to follow the one-way guides to avoid encroaching on other people's space, but we understand that the guidance may not always be necessary. In general, be sure to avoid lingering in the circulation paths (especially the west-side corridor near the accordion wall), so that others may feel comfortable moving around. When in doubt, use your judgement.