Elevation’s youth programs aim to foster a lifelong love of climbing, and use bouldering to develop powerful life skills: problem-solving, resilience, personal growth and teamwork. Our instructors create supportive learning environments where young people are free to challenge themselves, take risks, build lasting friendships, and reap the benefits of increased self-confidence. Our mission is to grow not only better climbers, but happy, healthy community members.


Camps provide a unique opportunity to immerse kids in the world of climbing – it’s not often that we have the chance to interact with young climbers multiple hours a day, multiple days in a row. Elevation’s summer programs use that opportunity to guide participants toward the revelations that keep climbing interesting for a lifetime, and build the skills and self-confidence we need to navigate the modern world. We aim to create kids who are determined problem-solvers, who embrace failure as a learning opportunity, and who have the confidence to be vulnerable, to try hard things, and to celebrate the success of others.

Information and Registration

Ninja Club

Ninja Club is for children who enjoy exploration, progression, and mental and physical challenges in a fun and supportive group environment. Led by experienced instructors, participants build confidence, problem solve, and discover why climbing is such an amazing activity. Curriculum is progressive and long-term commitment is encouraged.

Little Ninjas
6 – 7 yrs
3:30 – 4:30 pm Tuesday or Thursday
Ninja Masters
8 – 10 yrs
3:30 – 4:30 pm Monday or Wednesday

$40/month for members
$65/month for non-members

Advance registration required
Minimum 3-month commitment

Email for registration

Elevation Bouldering Club

Elevation Bouldering Club is ideal for young climbers who have graduated through our Ninja program. Club is also open to those who are new to climbing and interested in progressing quickly. Tryouts are required, but are not ability-based. Club members must be excited to take instruction and increase their climbing skills, and able to work well with teammates. Projecting, increased technical and mental proficiency, climbing etiquette and appropriate use of the facility are focal points of the curriculum.

11-14 yrs
4:45 – 6:45 pm Tuesday or Thursday
$60/month for members
$95/month for non-members

Tryout required
Minimum 3-month commitment

Email for registration

Elevation Bouldering Team

Elevation Bouldering Team is aimed at young people who already have significant climbing experience and are interested in training at a higher level. Team members must be exceptionally motivated to improve their climbing skills and increase their mental, physical, and technical understanding. Participation in competitions is encouraged, but not mandatory.

Team members must*

  • Have a minimum of 6 months bouldering experience
  • Climb at least 1 additional day/week outside of team practices
  • Exhibit exemplary behavior in the gym; be a positive example for the youth community
  • Make climbing a primary extracurricular activity
  • Participate for the full season (September-May)

Up to age 18

*Due to Covid, Team 2020 is invitation only

Email for registration

Homeschool Courses

Specially designed with the homeschool community in mind, these 10-week courses offer an immersive bouldering experience for beginners and returning climbers alike. Guided by an experienced instructor, participants will learn bouldering basics, increase their mental, physical and technical climbing skills, and build confidence in a fun and supportive group environment. Each class will conclude with an hour of free-climbing, providing ample opportunity for socializing, practicing new skills, and making friends.

$150/10-week course for members
$185/10-week course for non-members

Advance registration required
Minimum 10-week commitment

Email for registration

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