Ninja Club

Little Ninjas

Club details

Ages 6-8
Classes Tue, Wed, Thu & Fri
1 hour classes 3:30-4:30pm
Offered Sep-May


1 weekly class: $79/month
2 weekly classes: $158/month
Youth members receive a 20% discount

Ninja Masters

Club details

Ages 9-12
Classes Mon, Wed & Thu
1 hour classes 3:30-4:30pm
Offered Sep-May


1 weekly class: $79/month
2 weekly classes: $158/month
Youth members receive a 20% discount
Ninja Club objectives
Learn climbing safety, etiquette, and technique
Exercise the brain and body with mental and physical puzzles
Build confidence and practice persevering through challenges
Make friends and learn to be a supportive teammate


Ninja Club is for new and experienced climbers.
Curriculum builds on what we learn each week. If you are joining classes after September, your child must first take a Youth Intro Class.
Advance registration is required. For drop-in classes, see our Youth Intro Class.


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Can my child do a trial class?

We don't offer trial Ninja Club classes, but if you'd like to experience formal climbing instruction without any commitment, we recommend checking out our Saturday Youth Intro Class. If you enjoy that and would like to continue learning, Ninja Club will likely be a good fit for you.

When does registration start?

Open registration for fall classes begins in early August, but spaces often become available throughout the season. If you miss the fall registration window and would like to register mid-season, please apply here.

Does my child need prior experience?

If you are registering during fall open enrollment, no prior climbing experience is required. If you are joining mid-season, you must take our Youth Intro Class before joining Ninja Club. This ensures that participants have a basic understanding of gym rules, safety, and falling, and are able to integrate smoothly with their more experienced classmates.

When do you have classes?

Class schedules are listed on the tiles above. We do not have classes during Thanksgiving, Winter, or Spring breaks. If you choose to join Ninja Club, parents will receive a handout showing all holiday breaks.

My child wants to continue for more than 1 term - do I need to do anything to secure their spot?

No, we assume continuous enrollment from September-May unless you tell us otherwise.

I missed a day - do you offer makeup classes?

We do not offer makeup classes. Please bear this in mind if you are unable to attend all your classes in a given month.

I need to withdraw my child from classes - how do I do that?

If you intend to discontinue classes, please send an email to at least 2 weeks in advance, so we can stop your next billing cycle. Please note that verbal notice to instructors is not sufficient to withdraw from class.

If I stop classes mid-month, will I receive a refund?

No. Payments are made by the month and we do not offer partial months. We recommend a minimum of 3-months (1 term) of participation.


Every day

9am - 11pm

Members only

Mon thru Fri

6am - 9am


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Eugene, OR 97401



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