Youth rules & hours


Kids' waivers must be signed by their parent or legal guardian.

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Kids under 13

Kids under 13 must be closely supervised by an adult at all times. Drop-offs and unchaperoned climbing are not permitted. Adults may supervise up to 3 children at a time.

Read tips for supervising kids

Adult area

Kids may climb in the adult area only if they can abide by all safety rules. Those who can't will be asked to remain in the youth area. The supervising adult is responsible for enforcing all safety rules.

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Restricted hours

The adult area is open to kids, age 10 and under, until 5pm every day. Our dedicated youth area is open 9am-11pm every day. Youth members may climb in the adult area at any time, as long as they abide by all safety rules.

Tips for supervising kids

Active supervision is critical.

For everyone's safety, parents must actively participate in their child's climbing session. If your child is on the padded floor, you should be too.

Your focus must be on your child at all times. Be prepared to give frequent reminders about how to behave appropriately.

The adult area is a demanding place to supervise children. Be ready for a challenge!

Help your child understand what bouldering is.

A bouldering gym looks like a playground, but many behaviors that are allowed at the playground are dangerous in the gym.

Encourage your child to think of the routes as giant puzzles. If you solve the puzzle, you can get to the top! This helps them engage with the activity, rather than running, screaming, and playing chase.

Feel free to ask our staff to talk with your child. We love getting young people excited about bouldering.

Help with your voice, not your hands.

Don't move your child's feet or support them physically while they're on the wall.

You can point to holds that might be useful, say encouraging and reassuring things, or even place a hand on their back so they know you're nearby, but let them be in control of their movements.

If your child wants to explore bouldering more deeply, check out our Youth Programs.


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