Climbing Team

Build mental and physical fortitude, make friends and become part of a larger community as you share your love of bouldering with enthusiastic peers.

We offer multiple levels of team to suit different interests and abilities.

Team Options

Elevation Climbing Team

Team climbers should have a strong desire to participate in structured climbing sessions in order to learn more about the sport, develop climbing-specific strengths and skills, and form relationships with others who share similar interests.

Advanced Team

Advanced Team is for our most dedicated youth climbers. Advanced Team members consider climbing to be their primary extracurricular activity, and exhibit determination to progress as well-rounded climbers, supportive teammates, and stewards of the community.

Team objectives
Understand and refine movement through formal instruction, problem solving, and increased technical proficiency.
Begin to understand and articulate differences between climbing styles, tendencies & preferences
Develop a deeper enjoyment of climbing through self-assessment and goal-setting.
Advanced team objectives
Identify skill gaps and work to overcome them through targeted training in pursuit of movement mastery
Understand and practice strategies aimed at continuous progress in pursuit of long-term, sustainable relationships with climbing and with self
Actively pursue personal climbing goals with a high level of accountability

Team details

Ages 9-18
Practices offered Mon-Thu
2 hour practices, 4pm-6pm
Offered Sep-June


1 weekly practice: $195/month
2 weekly practices: $225/month
Gym membership and team gear are included in the monthly cost.

Advanced team details

Ages 9-18
Practices Mon, Wed & Fri
2.5 hour practices, 5:30pm-8pm
Offered Sep-June


3 weekly practices: $345/month
Gym membership and team gear are included in the monthly cost.


Tryouts are required.
All team members must have prior climbing experience. Advanced Team members must have 1+ years of Team or an equivalent program.
All team members must be able to use the adult climbing area safely and respectfully without supervision.


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Does the team participate in competitions?

Yes! Competitions are an optional focal tool for all team climbers, but are not required. Comps can be a fun way to challenge yourself and connect with the larger climbing community.

Do I have to be on the Advanced Team to participate in competitions?

No, all climbers who would like to participate in competitions will be supported in their competitive goals. It is worth noting, however, that the additional practice time and training Advanced Team members receive is helpful for those who want to be successful in a competitive environment.

Do I need to have climbing experience to join the team?

Yes, the team is for climbers who have prior experience. If you are new to climbing, we recommend that you check out Ninja Club instead (ages 6-12). If you are age 13+, try a Youth Intro Class followed by some self-guided climbing before trying out for the team.

How do I try out for the team?

Tryouts take place in early September. If you missed the September tryout and would like to join mid-season, please apply here. When space is available, we are happy to accommodate new additions mid-season. If no space is available, you will be added to a waitlist.

How do I know which team to try out for?

You don’t need to try out for a specific team. We will determine the most appropriate fit for you based on your in-person tryout and your pre-tryout questionnaire. You are welcome to let us know your preference in your questionnaire.

Where can I get a tryouts questionnaire?

The questionnaire will be emailed to you once you register for tryouts. Please take the questionnaire seriously and fill it out completely — your answers will help us understand where you are in your climbing journey so we can direct you appropriately.

I have a financial need, or another special request — can you accommodate me?

All special requests should be sent to


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